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28578-16-7 pmk glycidate, pmk oil, wickr:lilyyin

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28578-16-7 pmk glycidate, pmk oil, Netherland, Piperonyl Methyl Ketone oil

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PMK Powder, PMK Oil, 28578-16-7
28578-16-7 PMK Oil Molecular Weight 250.247
28578-16-7 PMK Oil Density 1.3±0.1 g/cm3
28578-16-7 PMK Oil PMK methyl glycidate
28578-16-7 PMK Oil Molecular Formula C13H14O5
28578-16-7 PMK Oil PMK powder Netherlands, 13605-48-6 PMK Oil PMK ethyl glycidate
13605-48-6 PMK Oil Molecular Formula C13H14O5
13605-48-6 PMK Oil pmk glycidate

1) High Extract Rate, High pure
2) In Stock, today shipment, 7-9 Days Arrive Europe, Netherlands, Poland, Germany
3) 1KG Sample Available, 25KG, 200KG price is favorable!

Hubei Aoks Bio-Tech, supply Pharmaceutical Intermediates, chemicals reagents,
We export to Canada Australia, Europe, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc,

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